80days Passepartout is our by-referral-only concept, catering to an eclectic international, private, clientele with specific tastes and a love for luxury in its purest form. We create bespoke high-end trips, curated to individual preferences, with adamant attention to details at your discretion.

Although Northern Europe is our home, we consider the whole world our habitat and hold the keys to opening doors throughout the globe, that would have otherwise eluded you:

We master the Nordic aesthetics and can create an immersive journey through Northern Europe like no other.

We spark magic in the most secluded African safari lodges or deep in Antarctica, surrounded by snow and solitude.

We understand privacy and we value the importance of human encounters. A value-set set to enhance every trip, be it a shopping spree in Paris or an ultra-lux trip to The Maldives.

 Passepartout as a concept portrays not only its literary heritage by Jules Verne, but it literally means “goes everywhere”. It acts as a master key that provides entry ubiquitously. It is a method of framing in its practical use as well as in our capability to design the ideal framework for your next escapade.

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