Just as Phileas Fogg took the wager to travel around the world in 80 days and proceeded to circumnavigate the globe in his hot air balloon with his trusted valet, Passepartout, 80days will make the adventure of a lifetime a reality for you. We will assist you on your journey making sure that travelling feels as adventurous and fresh as Phileas Fogg and Passepartout’s mesmeric expedition. 80days is your valet and your partner – just like Passepartout was Phileas Fogg’s.

Jules Verne fascinated a whole generation of readers and sparked the dreams of travellers-to-be, all over the globe. He wrote the fictionalized version of the then-modern travel book, from which we are now dreaming up, creating, and defining modern travel as one of the industry leaders. Step into the basket of our hot air balloon and set the course for the adventure of a lifetime.



Happiness is a fleeting feeling that only appears temporarily and usually, it taps most unexpectedly at your door. One can only guess at the alchemy behind this feeling that we spend our entire existence pursuing – either way, it is highly individual what triggers happiness. The Goldilocks Zone is that mysterious space between the possible and impossible – the tangible and intangible. Like waking up in a dream. We believe that when your expectations of the perfect holiday align with the reality of what we can deliver, you will experience just that – happiness.



Our philosophy is built on dedication, attention to detail, and always going the extra mile – in other words, when we say we’re different, we mean that we are extraordinary. Extraordinary in our level of service to our clientele. We work closely with top industry collaborators to ensure we stay on top of our game. Among others, we are close partners with Rosewood Elite and Serandipians, which are sure to make your travel experience richer in every way, with access to upgrades, benefits, and the best service in the world. When you walk through our door, we’ll listen to your wishes, and you will be assigned a Travel Designer with expert knowledge about your specific wants – finally, you will experience what personalized, bespoke luxury travel and true dedication means.

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