Situated in the quaint, globally acclaimed baroque city, Q92 Noto Hotel envelops you in an authentic Sicilian ambiance, captivating culture, picturesque natural landscapes, lush valleys, cosy small towns just a short drive away, and delightful restaurants, all proximate to some of Italy’s finest beaches. Q92 Noto left a lasting impression on us during our late spring visit last year. Though barely over a year old and hence a fresh addition to the roster of (nearly) hidden gems on the island, this little sanctuary excels in every nuance. It’s a place to relax, indulge, and immerse oneself in the ambiance of an authentic, intimate, and tasteful Italian abode.


“The charm of Q92 Noto is unmatched when it comes to the X-factor and unique attributes that make certain hotels truly distinguished. The colour scheme, style, furniture, and notably the remarkable artworks dispersed throughout the hotel coalesce seamlessly. The location is impeccable as well. With only nine rooms, each distinctively designed, a three-night stay comes highly recommended. Explore the delightful city, traverse the Noto Valley, and, of course, revel in the magnificent beaches. There’s a bounty to relish.”

Contact Steen for more information at
Tlf. +45 53 53 69 27 / steen@80days.dk


Flight time: 3 hours and 5 minutes
Transfer time: Approximately 1 hour by car from Catania airport
Best period to visit: April to November
Time difference: None


At Q92 Noto, it feels as though you’re visiting a discerning aesthete’s private abode. There’s an indelible aura of intimacy and informality. The spacious rooms and suites are adorned in light hues, showcasing exquisite flooring, lofty ceilings, exposed rafters, and rustic raw walls. The salon’s walls, painted Pompeian red, heighten the baroque ambiance. Many rooms offer remarkable views of Noto’s churches, baroque palaces, and the world-renowned Noto Cathedral. Alternatively, relish the delightful views of the garden or the tranquil courtyard brimming with fragrant lemon trees, jasmine, and vibrant flowers. The hotel’s space invites you to unwind with a book on a sunbed, take a refreshing dip in the plunge pool, and lounge in the warm afternoon sun with


The hotel proffers a delectable breakfast, featuring products meticulously sourced from local small producers. The philosophy here orbits around sustainability, ensuring each product takes the shortest route from garden to plate. The city proposes numerous exceptional restaurants for lunch and dinner, both in Noto and the nearby quaint towns. Sicilian cuisine is irresistibly enticing—just ensure to save space for gelato on the stroll back to the hotel.


In Noto, you’re ensconced in a wealth of late Italian baroque architecture. It can be overwhelming, yet embracing the authentic Italian charm with majestic angels and trombones at every corner is enthralling. Savour the city’s culture, delectable restaurants, boutiques, craft shops, and ceramics workshops. Noto exudes a tranquil Southern European ambiance, encouraging a slower pace and heightened presence.


Car rental is advisable for exploring the vicinity, with complimentary parking available on the Piazza. Discover enchanting beaches merely 10-20 minutes from Noto, some secluded and unspoiled. Several are acclaimed as some of Italy’s most beautiful strands, including Marianelli beach, San Lorenzo, Calamosche, and those within the Vendicari nature reserve.

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