Take to the sea for the voyage of a lifetime with Explora Journeys. Indulge in a new era of luxury cruising, blending adventure with sophistication as you sail towards uncharted horizons and exotic destinations. This is where the beauty of the open water meets the height of sophistication – across the world’s seven seas. Embracing the ocean state of mind represents the ethos of Explora journeys, who are mixing traditional European cultural influences with a new kind of luxury cruise designed to re-imagine what a lavish adventure at sea can be.


Step aboard the Explora I and experience a lush world at sea. Savour unlimited premium spirits, wines, coffee, tea, soda, and a complimentary minibar. Indulge in a range of culinary delights from around the world, including in-suite dining, with strong and unlimited Wi-Fi throughout the ship. Start your journey with a complimentary glass of champagne in your suite and select your favourite bottle of wine or spirit to set the tone for your trip. Pamper yourself with full access to the spa and wellness programs (treatments extra) and enjoy a convenient shuttle service from the harbour to the city centre where possible. Indulge yourself fully and raise a toast to your journey with Explora I.

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Lose yourself in fun and engaging activities facilitated by professionals, to make your voyage even more magical and extraordinary. Treat yourself to masterclasses and unforgettable experiences with professional hosts and artists. Sharpen your photography skills in the Explora Lounge, capture stunning sunsets, take the perfect selfie, and learn about lighting. Enjoy a musical journey with the resident artists, showcasing their song writing and musical abilities. Discover the spirit of whisky at the Malt Whisky Bar, where you can mix and taste four signature cocktails. Find peace and serenity with the daily wellness rituals, including sundial salutation, ocean meditation, and sunset aperitivo. Celebrate the full moon every 28 days with a magical soirée under the stars and enjoy daily acoustic music in the lobby.


Aboard the magnificent 248-meter Explora I, 461 elegantly designed suites are available for you to choose from, each boasting its distinct charm and comfort. Ranging in size from the cosy Ocean Terrace Suites at 35 m2 to the lavish Owner’s Residence at 280 m2, with an average suite size of 42 m2, each space offers ample room to relax and unwind. The floor-to-ceiling windows and private terraces further enhance the feeling of being at home at sea, imbuing every suite with warm, maritime elegance. Don’t let the ship’s size daunt you, as the Explora I promises an idyllic and comfortable voyage all the way. Soak up the sun on the lovely pool decks and let yourself be carried away by tranquillity, high spirits, and salty air.


Dine in style as you explore the world’s oceans with Explora Journeys. The ship offers a world of gastronomic artistry, with six restaurants, twelve bars, and lounges – eight indoor and four outdoor. From the exotic flavours of the Pan-Asian kitchen at Sakura, Marble & Co. Grill, redefining the European steakhouse to in-suite dining, and much more, Explora Journeys provide a dining experience that is both delicious and diverse. Their menu varies with each voyage, showcasing a range of culinary influences inspired by the ship’s route. Indulge in a feast for the senses, both day and night, as you sample the best in international cuisine.


Embark on an epic adventure aboard the Explora I and sail the seven seas to explore exotic destinations with comfort and luxury. Explora Journeys will take you far and wide – get close to nature’s breath-taking vistas, sumptuous dining options, and thrilling onboard activities, this ship promises an unforgettable experience. Whether you feel inclined toward exploring the Alaskan wilderness, the Norwegian fjords, the charming coastal towns of England, or the Caribbean Islands among many other routes, Explora Journeys will deliver the trip of a lifetime. So, drop the needle on a map and let your dreams decide where your next adventure should take you sailing.

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