Around the World in 80 Days. The smell of adventure, freedom, exotic countries and that special feeling of being truly alive.  Dazzling moments and memories form when we travel and they conquer a special place in heart and mind. To travel with the ones you love tie strong ties made of terrific experiences and significant moments.

The travel jungle however has grown wilder and more complex over the years. Yes, you can book almost everything online. But there is a plethora of paths to take when planning and making decisions, and sometimes you end up making the wrong choices. Maybe the flights are not connecting as they should, the hotel is not how it looked on the website and the definition of luxury is miles away from your expectations. Maybe you had booked a discrete, tropical hide away but you ended up at an overrun charter destination. Perhaps you know the jungle already?

We established 80days in 2009 and since then our first job has always been to ensure that our client’s bespoke travels are pure pleasure from A to Z. Lived time will never come back and we know how crucial the successful travel is. When your dream house starts to materialize, you consult an architect to ensure that the plan is exactly how it is supposed to be. When your dream travel starts to materialize, you consult us. 80days is a visionary, exclusive and personal travel agency, putting attention to client and the old respectful virtues highest. Style and taste are individual and we create the perfect travel according to yours.

In the 80days universe, the standard is high and the approach personal. We never compromise on quality and we carry 25 years of experience of designing bespoke travels under our belt.

We do not promise you to be the cheapest. For us the value naturally matches the service and the product. However, we will always do our utmost to secure the best possible deal for you. Our team of travel designers personally selects all the 80days destinations and hotels. We travel many times over the year to test the marvellous beds, the delicious breakfast, the white sandy beaches and the turquoise waters. We scout for the best restaurants and the coolest neighbourhoods to the beat of the big city. We trek through the lush rainforest, drive the highways, take our shoes of outside the most beautiful temples and explore the African savannas on safari. Only that way can we create the perfect bespoke travel for our discerned clients!  

Our door is always open at Strandvejen 130B or you can contact us here - we can't wait to see you and to plan your next dream travel. 

Camilla Levin 


With our international experience, we have the contacts needed to put together the perfect trip just for you. We can recommend not just the best hotel - we can even book those elusive rooms with the very best views. Read more about the 80days team below.


80days tailor trips to individuals, corporations and other specialized groups. By listening carefully to our clients' needs, dreams, visions - and budget - we create their unique trip.

For us the goal is always that our clients return home with a suitcase full of amazing experiences and stories. In our experience, this is achieved successfully, when we combine our experience with your dreams.


80days was established to live out our idea of running a small, exclusive travel agency. We have worked in larger agencies and felt how the close and personal service to the clients had tough conditions. The idea of 80days is the aim to go back to the old virtues with personal service and time for 'attention to client'. We want to make sure that our clients feel heard, secure and happy and have the time of their life on their journeys with 80days.


The name 80days originates from Jules Verne's novel ‘Around the World in 80days’. It is the story of Phileas Fogg and his faithful servant Jean Passepartout, traveling around the world in 80 days to win a bet in the 1800’s. The story is the ultimate travel adventure incorporating freedom, excitement, the longing for foreign places, exotic countries, challenges and a sense of living life suspended in a balloon two kilometers above the Earth. Of course, the fairy tale has a happy ending. Even if Phileas Fogg and Jean Passepartout believe that they have arrived one day late in London. It turns out that by crossing the date line in the Pacific they have in fact come one day earlier than expected, winning the bet and the grand sum of 20,000 Pounds.