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You already know 80days as the premier high-end travel agent in Denmark, catering to an eclectic mix of private clientele with specific tastes. As a natural branching out, we offer that same level of quality and experience to the boardroom.

80days Boardroom is our concept for the discerning traveler who are looking for an exceptional partner to take care of their travel needs on the epitome of quality and discretion. We create the highest level of impact on small group adventures, which could take form of an intricate board trip or a closing-trip of unquestionable gravitas.

With 80days Boardroom you are in possession of a guarantee; our principal tenet being an absolute dedication to your traveling experience. This is a guarantee of perseverance and commitment, from beginning to end. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure that you have the best prerequisites for success.

So, if you are ready to level up your travel game with a dedicated partner, reach out and let us introduce you to an abundance of experiences and value-creation like you’ve never seen before.

Alternatively, pursue inspiration in our cases below.


Anton Kjaergaard
CEO & CO-Founder
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Sometimes, the feeling of being lost will show you the way.

With that in mind, we have tailored a unique setup on the savannah, where you will be effortlessly whisked away to the African continent. Imagine a luxurious camp in the middle of nowhere, where you can speak freely and drift with ease from a private safari to an intensive meeting session and onwards to the sundowners.

We call that boardroom in the wild.


You are looking to expand into a new market and need a cultural perspective to successfully penetrate or merge into the said market. You combine this with your annual c-suite trip to streamline your time on the road.

Far-flung destinations with diverse cultural insights often deliver the biggest impression. We minimize the friction of transportation and create a trip where transfers become journeys, accommodations become experiences and luxury takes its purest form.

Spa-safari on the edge of wildness in a G20 nation?

A polar-tropical escape in a market with a 60MM population?

An opulent train journey traversing a mountain range and a prosperous economy?


You are a well-founded partner group who just delivered an extraordinary result. Therefore, you are looking for a very special trip that will thrill and surprise even the most well-traveled of the group.

Our solution is to speak only of theme, preferences, and the logistical framework. Destination and itinerary will be disclosed on the fly, to create an element of surprise that supports our decades of mastery in creating magical moments abroad, curated specifically to you.


You are a very experienced, homogenous, and highly skilled group of directors, striving for additional skill enhancement in creative surroundings.

We will fly you to a private and exclusive venue a mere few hours non-stop from Denmark. The nature is grand, the property is your exclusively and the cuisine is second to none. Accompanying you on the trip, is the leading expert within the field of expertise that you seek to enhance. The program is tailored to create maximum impact on the valuable time you invest.


As a board with numerous new members, the group must be amalgamated to ensure a stronger cooperation and enhanced reciprocal understanding.

Therefore, we are jetting you to the Dolomites, where we have curated a journey full of contrasts that will challenge both your mind and physics paired with luxurious elements in a format that will pull you far away from the conformity of the office and close to an enhanced cooperation.


You have just finalized a significant acquisition which must be concluded with a trip for the relevant stakeholders.

Thus, we create a lavish journey to an iconic wine region in Europe where you will float through the region in unparalleled style. Savor the epicurean highlights of the area and gain access to estates otherwise inaccessible to the public. The itinerary leaves ample time to celebrate the gain of a new asset.

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