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You already know 80days as the premier high-end travel agent in Denmark, catering to an eclectic mix of private clientele with specific tastes. As a natural branching out, we offer that same level of quality and experience to the boardroom.

We create Executive Retreats – curated

80days Boardroom is our concept for the discerning group of executive travelers, who are looking for an exceptional partner to take care of their travel needs on the epitome of quality and discretion in the realm of non-generic corporate travel.
These could take form as a lavish partner-trip, a closing-trip of undeniable quality or an educational journey set to enhance.

With 80days Boardroom you are in possession of a guarantee; our principal tenet being an absolute dedication to your traveling experience. This is a guarantee of perseverance and commitment, from beginning to end. We will leave no stone unturned in our quest to ensure that you have the best prerequisites for success.

So, if you are ready to level up your travel game with a dedicated partner, reach out and let us introduce you to an abundance of experiences and value-creation like you’ve never seen before.

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